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I asked him where he was going. I arrived at the bus stop just after the bus left. She ignored him almost all day. I don't want dinner. I'm worried about my weight. OK, see you soon. We named the dog Tim. How is the weather like? We enjoy talking. I couldn't help but fall in love with you.
Musica De Leo Dan: - He made me a new suit.
- Try not to spend so much time complaining about things you can't change.
- Mostly idlis, sometimes dosa or pongal.
- Tom would often play jokes on the teacher.
- Who does your printing job?
- How is your sister?
- He seemed disappointed with the results.
- What are their names?
- He came by car instead of by train.
- There is no need to worry.
That company went bankrupt. I've heard nothing. I bought a pen, but I lost it. She reminds him of his mother. They acted on the information. Tom is eager to buy a new car. Does he approve the idea? I don't think I'll ever sound like a native speaker no matter how much I try. I have already changed my clothes. Don't play in the street.

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