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When do we leave? I can imagine how you felt. Ken will be fifteen next year. I walked in the woods by myself. I'm seeing her this evening. New York is worth visiting. If you don't want to go, you don't have to. Can I access the Internet here? Are you tired? This winter is warm.
Picnic: - We took a back road to avoid the heavy traffic.
- No problem.
- It is up to you.
- He is outgoing.
- Tom attempted to persuade Mary to go to church with him.
- That is an old castle.
- He accepted her gift.
- Yeah, I think it's a good environment for learning English.
- He died one year ago.
- Tom set me up.
She had nothing to do yesterday. Do you know how to drive a car? I don't know how to cook too many things. I just want to talk with you a little while. Let's leave it at that. Could I have a glass of white wine? Is she staying at a hotel? He will be back in a day or two. It's straight down this road on the left, next to the museum. It takes about 10 minutes. It's right next to it, on the right.

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