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I asked him to come with me and he agreed. Are you ready for the trip? She doesn't speak Japanese at home. I can't explain the difference between those two. Can you mail these for me? How about stopping the car and taking a rest? Excuse me. She has lost weight. May I go home? It's an easy victory.
Psptube: - Oh, sorry. There is a pencil behind the cup.
- When can I get the medical report?
- I looked all around, but I could see nobody there.
- I gave him a book.
- Those are my trousers.
- We were surprised to hear the news.
- I know. It was a really good deal.
- I have a runny nose.
- I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.
- Roses will be fine.
Sir. Mr. Siva is on leave today. Ours is a joint family. Yesterday was my birthday. I'm glad to hear of your success. That is his car. You may park here. Just looking at some books on how to learn English. Are you done with the paper? The ice has melted. Some boys came into the classroom.

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