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I gave him a few books. Gold is heavier than silver. What's today's date? He bought his son a camera. Paula left the room to call her mother. I was wearing my best clothes. Don't get angry. He lost his ticket for the movie. I would like to go to the concert with you. Show him around the city.
Red Ace Squadron: - She obeys him.
- He stopped smoking because his wife and children asked him to.
- I often hear her play the piano.
- Where did you have your suit made?
- He tossed and turned all night.
- We have no sugar.
- I can't afford the time to travel.
- I can still remember the time when we went on a picnic together.
- A tea with lemon, please.
- A refrigerator keeps meat fresh.
Let's hurry up. It's going to be really crowded at the mall. You should shop online. I shave every morning. This car handles very easily. She met him on the beach. I'm looking for a sweater. He was heartbroken. Do you talk to your cats? He lives there alone. That sounds good, but I'm not sure how long I could do that.

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