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I am sorry. I have disturbed you. She advised him to talk about his life in America. The palace was heavily guarded. What is your aim in life? She must have finished the work yesterday. When I opened the door of the refrigerator, an apple fell out. You must go. I got tired of lying in bed all day. While he was sick, he lost a lot of weight. Tom doesn't know when Mary will leave Boston.
Legalement: - That sounds really interesting. I'd love to come.
- Do you know how to get to the Marriott Hotel?
- What is your sister's name?
- She acted in a play for the first time.
- Have you taken your medicine yet?
- I am Ravi calling from Madurai.
- Are there any English magazines in this library?
- I return home at 6.30.
- These socks do not match.
- No, not very clearly. It's really noisy here.
I think about 170 pounds. Mary and I have been acquainted with each other for many years. It's really hot. The train made a brief stop. She owes him a lot of money, but she probably won't be able to pay it back. Tom bought a really expensive, well-made pair of shoes. Won't you take a chair? OK, Where's Los Angeles? Would you like to have dinner with me? I am a man.

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